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Ft Imran
Jul 28, 2022
In General Discussions
One day, I was wearing the No. 56 Dodgers jersey at a restaurant for dinner, and an old American fan leaned over, pointed to the words KUO on my back, and said, "I like this kid, he pitches very hard, and the Dodgers have been saved by Guo for several games. Yes. There have been many Asian players in the past, but few are as special as Guo Hongzhi.” In the United States, you don't have to know each other, you can Small Talk with each other by relying on your clothes. Most of my topics are Guo Hongzhi. It is not easy for a baseball player to get into the major leagues, and it is even more difficult for a star to hit the field. Not only did Guo Hongzhi get on the board telemarketing list and was elected as the Set-up man of the year in 2008, he also made his mark in the Dodgers history, with over 50 pitches. The pitcher with the lowest ERA in the inning was "Little Guo" Guo Hongzhi. Hong-Chih_Kuo, Guo Hongzhi Photo Credit: Cbl62 @Flickr CC BY SA 2.0 I walked into the court at the time of Guo Hongzhi's 2010 killing spree. In the locker room, he had Matt Kemp on one side and James Loney on the other. Matt Kemp is a cool star who doesn't interact much with the media. He often runs naked in the locker room (really naked), so reporters don't often look for him. James Loney is the king of interjection. Maybe he is curious that "Taiwan teammates" are so popular. Every time he is surrounded by a group of Chinese-speaking reporters, he often jumps in to talk and talk. We laugh and don't write. Maybe you think major league players are amazing, but most of the teams looking for the media are star players. As for players with average performance, there is not much opportunity to be interviewed. So when you hand over the microphone or recorder, these people are friendlier and more excited than you might think. Guo Hongzhi opened the first half of the season for 36 consecutive games without a hit from a left batter. He threw 31 innings with only one guilt, and his ERA was a ghost-level 0.29.
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Ft Imran

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